The Human Rights Accountability Global Initiative Foundation (“HRAGI”), is a non-governmental organization established in Washington, DC to help restart American adoption of Russian children.

Three years ago, the fate of 250 children was thrown into uncertainty after Russia passed a law prohibiting Americans from adopting children in Russia. The children would have added to the impressive number – more than 60,000 – of Russian children adopted by American families following the collapse of Communism. Some of the blocked adoptions were taken up by Russian families – while other children were adopted overseas. But some got sick and others reportedly died.

Officially, the Russian law was passed following outrage over the 2008 death of Chase Harrison (original Russian name Dima Yakovlev) – a toddler adopted by a Virginia family, left to die in a car on a sweltering summer day. Unofficially, Russia passed the law in retaliation for the 2012, passage of the US “Magnitsky Act” by the U.S. Congress, which imposed sanctions on Russia and on individuals blamed for the death of the Russian citizen, Sergei Magnitsky.

HRAGI is dedicated to overturning the Russian adoption ban.